Q: 1. What is FlightsFinders?

Ans: Fast, simple and secure booking for flights and hotels.

Q: 2. Is FlightsFinders a secure site?

Ans: Payments are made via our ultra-secure RealTime payment gateway.

Q: 3. How can I book a flight on FlightsFinders?

Ans: Choose your departure airport and arrival destination and pick a date. FlightFinders does all the hard work for you.

Q: 4. Can I book a connecting flight with FlightsFinders?

Ans: Your bookings are added to a Shopping Cart so that you can add whatever you need and pay at the end… just like in a supermarket!

Q: 5. How can I pay for my flight/hotel booking through FlightsFinders?

Ans: When you click on the payment button, you will be automatically and securely forwarded on your webpage to the FlightFinders payment system to take payment safely and securely.

Q: 6. Can I change a flight date, time, route?

Ans: You can contact the call centre on +27 18 297 6594 for any further booking changes.  Depending on airline and hotel rules, there may be additional fees to pay for changes.

PAYMENT METHOD: Visa Master Card